Baseball and Bullying

Babe’s best friend and teammate, Gonzalez, is being bullied, so Babe steps up to the plate (pun intended.) Oh, and yes, Babe’s mom named him after Babe Ruth. Catcher in the Sky is more than just a fabulous baseball read for middle-grade kids–it also tackles diversity and bullying. And it’s gotten great reviews, too (very grateful for that, thank you!) Bullying is such a heartbreaker for kids and it’s really important to reach the bystanders and friends of the kids who are being bullied to get them to help, not look away. It takes bravery but it’s cool to help, and so not cool to look the other way. It is my hope that Catcher in the Sky helps!


Author: Laurie Bain Wilson

I write about travel, food and lifestyle, for outlets including The Boston Globe and As a contributing writer to, I was the site’s NYC expert and wrote dozens of pieces. I have also written for other publications and websites, including The New York Times, The New York Daily News, Time Out NY For Kids,,, Boston Herald, New England Travel & Life, Woman’s Day, New York Daily News, Parenting and more. I was a travel editor for ten years at a national glossy bridal magazine in NYC where I wrote and edited hundreds of articles that revolved around planning honeymoons and destination weddings. I still write about honeymoons for bridal magazines. And I also collaborated on How to Organize Just About Everything with Peter Walsh; I wrote 80 mini-chapters. I have written several travel guidebooks and a children’s baseball novel, Catcher in the Sky. I also co-authored several Murder, She Wrote novels--they are Manhattans and Murder, Rum and Razors and Three Strikes, You're Dead. If you’d like to check out some of my articles, please visit If you’re on Twitter, please follow me @laurieheather And my linked in profile can be found at

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