Check out these new outdoor benches in Boston to recharge your phone and check on fresh air quality






Read my article about them here.



Moody Fourth of July


Mother Nature decided to provide the fireworks this year up in the Boston area. Yesterday in Newburyport, the lightning show was outstanding. And the rainbow that followed was mystical and beautiful. Today, it has rained all day so festivities were canceled. But I managed to go for a great run through the Plum Island Wildlife Refuge in a steady rain and loved every minute of it. The surf is up, thanks to Arthur somewhere out there. I don’t know why I love love love moody days at the beach more than sunny days. I guess it has something to do with my Scottish roots. My grandfather George Sutherland Bain hails from Wick, Scotland, so there you go.

The rest of the weekend promises to be perfect. Enjoy! And Happy Fourth of July!


Run and Fun

Boston is a running town, no doubt about it. Lace up and hit the Charles River/Esplanade, a popular running route that loops around the Charles River, taking in Cambridge and Boston. For a 4-mile loop, cross the Mass Ave Bridge to Cambridge, run along the Charles, cross over Longfellow Bridge, back along the Esplanade in Boston. Or, take on the entire 17-mile path all the way out to neighboring Watertown.

Post run, fuel up and meet up at Mass Ave Tavern ( Get your run on!

Baseball History

Just stumbled upon this cool item about Con Daily in

September 3 Indianapolis (NL) gets a last-second reprieve in the 9th inning when the ump calls time just before Con Daily apparently makes the last out of the game. Batting again‚ Daily singles home 2 runs to cap a 6-run rally to beat Boston‚ 8-7.

Con Daily is an All-Star

I am so proud today. I have written many articles in my career but I am especially excited about my article that appears today in today’s Boston Globe.

It is a tribute to baseball, to the All-Star Game, to NYC, to my favorite baseball pub, Foley’s. But, more importantly, it is such an honor to include my great-grandfather, Cornelius (Con) Daily, in the article. Con is part of the 30,000 baseball card collection and, while not part of the current Dead Ball exhibit (the photo cap is wrong) he is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s prestigious baseball card collection. I salute you Con, and love you very much.

If you get a chance, visit the Museum to see the Legends of Baseball exhibit, hit up Foley’s for a beer and, hole up in the Hotel Belleclaire for a night (this is where Babe Ruth once lived.)

Baseball lives on in our hearts forever.

The Yankees and Red Sox Come Together

Yankees offer heartfelt tribute to Red Sox with this picture


And Yankees fan will sing “Sweet Caroline” after the third inning in tonight’s game (the Red Sox fans do that at every home game.)

So much pain in this Boston tragedy. Hints of kindness help. Big time. Go Red Sox tonight!

By the way, Con Daily, my great-grandfather, played for the Boston Beaneaters way back when. Go Red Sox! Boston needs you!

Meet the Teen Concierge

Shake Shack Burgers and Fries
Shake Shack Burgers and Fries (Photo credit: Minimalist)

David Strebel is a typical teenager with one of the coolest jobs in NYC. David is the official Teen Concierge at the Omni Berkshire Place, a popular, lovely, upscale midtown hotel just a skateboard ride away from Central Park, Bryant Park, Rock Center, Fifth Avenue and, most importantly, a good burger hangout like Shake Shack. He works alongside the hotel’s regular concierges.

David is not the only teen concierge out there. In May, the Omni hotel chain hired teen concierges at seven of its properties (namely city properties like Boston) as part of its Teen Connection program. And the program continues to evolve with new ideas being launched this fall (like Teen Latte night and Teen Movie nights.) Stay tuned. While hotels have catered to young kids and teens for decades with specialized programs and activities, what is unique about Omni’s Teen Connection is that it is offered in cities which generally don’t offer such programs and, of course, that the concierges are teenagers themselves.
I think Omni’s innovative move to help teens enjoy the world’s greatest city is brilliant.  David’s got cool ideas and every Friday he shares some of them with guests and prospective guests in a printout. I interviewed David recently and will share his top picks for the City in my next blog. TTYL.