Love the Dining section in The New York Times



I live for Wednesday’s New York Times because it is Dining day. I devour every page. The ideas, the recipes, the writing–I love it all.

This recipe is especially clever and I will definitely make it (maybe not for breakfast though, as recommended.)

Brewski in NYC

Eataly beer garden
Eataly beer garden (Photo credit: Tim Rodenberg)


NYC has become big with brewskis with more than 50 beer “gardens.” La Birreria on the roof of Eataly ( is a hot spot for a cold one. So is Chelsea Brewing Company–throw back one of 25 hand-crafted beers and you can tour the brewery, too ( And in Astoria, Queens, the 100-year-old-plus Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden ( is spot on for oompah bands, knockwurst and pitchers of foamy beer.


Want more fabulous tips for exploring NYC on a sunsational day like today this spring? Here you go!


Where to Eat in NYC with Kids, Tweens and Teens

This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NYC. Famous...
This is actually Tom's Restaurant, NYC. Famous as Monk's in Seinfeld, and as Tom's Diner, in the Suzanne Vega song of that name. It is located at the northeast corner of W. 112th Street and Broadway in New York, close to the campus of Columbia University, in the same building as the Goddard Institute of Space Studies. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are a gazillion restaurants to eat in NYC but not all are hip on kids. Check out the best family-friendly restaurants in NYC (and most won’t take a big bite out of your Big Apple budget) \