Writing Tip from Murder, She Wrote

Okay, so you have probably heard that writers often write about what they know.

When I co-authored Rum & Razors, the second Murder, She Wrote novel I wrote with my father, Donald Bain, I opened the book up with an experience that happened to my mother, Jackie, and father, when I was about nine.

Jessica Fletcher’s experience parallels what my parents experienced. It was actually very frightening and my parents had to call in the FBI to our house! It was a scary time because my dad was involved in writing a controversial book about the CIA and model Candy Jones and so we thought we were being targeted. I wasn’t allowed to walk to and from school or hang out outside. Turns out it was a prank created by good friends of my parents through a community theatre group they were involved with in Westbury, NY, on Long Island

The point is this: I used a real life experience in the opening pages of the Murder, She Wrote novel. Fun, right?

Write about what you know. Yes. Go for it!

Below is a link to the scene in Rum & Razors. Enjoy! You will learn that GLOTCOYB in Rum & Razors stands for Good Luck On The Completion of Your Book. But in the real-life episode in my house, it stood for Good Luck On The Completion of Your Basement, because my father was renovating the basement in our small modest house. Crazy.

<iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:0px” src=”https://books.google.com/books?id=6DPzHDoXOa4C&lpg=PT7&ots=nkeubd4m2X&dq=glotcoyb&pg=PT7&output=embed&#8221; width=500 height=500>






Murder, She Wrote. Jessica Fletcher Comes to NYC at Christmastime


New York City dazzles in December with lights, ribbons, carols and jingles. And then there’s this:

Manhattans and Murder is the Murder, She Wrote novel I co-wrote with Donald Bain, my father. I’ve written several with him and this was the second in the series–and now there are 42 novels. And all the novels I wrote with him are still in print and selling strong.

Manhattans and Murder is a great read for those who love a little mystery, a little Jessica and a little NYC at Christmastime.  Jessica comes to Manhattan for a visit and guess what happens? She also visits Sea Cliff, the sweet town on the Long Island Sound where I lived at the time I wrote the scene. It’s about 25 miles from Manhattan.

So, if you feel like a little Christmas, a little mystery and a little New York City, cozy up with this cozy mystery! Oh, and this novel came out awhile ago, but was reissued more recently. How do you like them apples? Also, I have two engagements coming up after the holidays where I’ll be speaking about writing the books, as well as my other writing. I’ll fill you in, so stay tuned.

Thanks, spread the love this holiday. Make it  good day and a better day for someone else. Especially your children and grandchildren 🙂

Murder, She Wrote. This Fall I Will be Speaking About Three Murder, She Wrote Novels I Co-Wrote with my Dad, Donald Bain



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Pleased as punch (rum punch, this is a travel and dining blog!) to announce that I will be speaking about my co-authoring Murder, She Wrote novels, as well as all of my other writing, in the coming months. First up, Newbury Library in Newbury, MA on October 23. I will be the featured author/writer.

I wrote three Murder, She Wrote novels, spanning many years. The first one I wrote was Manhattans and Murder, which was the second Murder, She Wrote novel in the long-running series by my father, Donald Bain. The second one I wrote with my dad was Rum & Razors, in which I used a lot of my travel writing experiences. And the third was published more recently, Three Strikes, You’re Dead. This novel was dear to my heart. My great-grandfather and Donald Bain ‘s grandfather, Con Daily, played for many years in the major leagues.  And his brother, Ed Daily, was also a professional ballplayer. It’s an especially dear book to me because, in life, family is everything. Especially for children.

I will keep you posted with the dates and times of my speaking engagements. Thanks for all the support. Thanks a ton!

Murder, SHE Wrote

New York City
New York City (Photo credit: kaysha)



Most of my loyal blog followers know that I was a contributing writer to Travel Channel (I wrote dozens of NYC articles for travelchannel.com) and that I am the author of several bestselling New York City guidebooks. I was also the New York City expert at Travelmuse.com. Well…dear New York lovers, the fun never stops. I am also the co-author of several Murder, She Wrote novels. Yes, THAT Murder, She Wrote. And one of the books I co-authored with my papa (Donald Bain) is Manhattans and Murder which takes place in yes, New York City. OH, and I also set a scene in my home town of Sea Cliff, a darling pocket of a town on the Long Island Sound. Pretty as it gets, this town is absolutely stunning.


Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to share my love with you for New York City in my fiction books, too. http://www.amazon.com/Murder-She-Wrote-Manhattans-ebook/dp/B001R6OTOY/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&qid=1365293241&sr=8-1


Start spreading the news…