Writing Tip from Murder, She Wrote

Okay, so you have probably heard that writers often write about what they know.

When I co-authored Rum & Razors, the second Murder, She Wrote novel I wrote with my father, Donald Bain, I opened the book up with an experience that happened to my mother, Jackie, and father, when I was about nine.

Jessica Fletcher’s experience parallels what my parents experienced. It was actually very frightening and my parents had to call in the FBI to our house! It was a scary time because my dad was involved in writing a controversial book about the CIA and model Candy Jones and so we thought we were being targeted. I wasn’t allowed to walk to and from school or hang out outside. Turns out it was a prank created by good friends of my parents through a community theatre group they were involved with in Westbury, NY, on Long Island

The point is this: I used a real life experience in the opening pages of the Murder, She Wrote novel. Fun, right?

Write about what you know. Yes. Go for it!

Below is a link to the scene in Rum & Razors. Enjoy! You will learn that GLOTCOYB in Rum & Razors stands for Good Luck On The Completion of Your Book. But in the real-life episode in my house, it stood for Good Luck On The Completion of Your Basement, because my father was renovating the basement in our small modest house. Crazy.

<iframe frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” style=”border:0px” src=”https://books.google.com/books?id=6DPzHDoXOa4C&lpg=PT7&ots=nkeubd4m2X&dq=glotcoyb&pg=PT7&output=embed&#8221; width=500 height=500>






Murder, She Wrote. This Fall I Will be Speaking About Three Murder, She Wrote Novels I Co-Wrote with my Dad, Donald Bain



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Pleased as punch (rum punch, this is a travel and dining blog!) to announce that I will be speaking about my co-authoring Murder, She Wrote novels, as well as all of my other writing, in the coming months. First up, Newbury Library in Newbury, MA on October 23. I will be the featured author/writer.

I wrote three Murder, She Wrote novels, spanning many years. The first one I wrote was Manhattans and Murder, which was the second Murder, She Wrote novel in the long-running series by my father, Donald Bain. The second one I wrote with my dad was Rum & Razors, in which I used a lot of my travel writing experiences. And the third was published more recently, Three Strikes, You’re Dead. This novel was dear to my heart. My great-grandfather and Donald Bain ‘s grandfather, Con Daily, played for many years in the major leagues.  And his brother, Ed Daily, was also a professional ballplayer. It’s an especially dear book to me because, in life, family is everything. Especially for children.

I will keep you posted with the dates and times of my speaking engagements. Thanks for all the support. Thanks a ton!